KMT Scientific Committee applied for the fund to the International Continental Drilling Programme ICDP, which is a build up infrastructure for scientific drilling that facilitates outstanding science. ICDP is the only international platform for scientific research drilling in terrestrial environments.  This was one of the first steps to run KMT as an international research centre straddling scientific and industrial developments and creating innovative science and technology collaborations as we enter the most extreme environment of Earth’s crust.

KMT has the potential to revolutionize:
  • magma physics and chemistry knowledge, including quantification of heat and mass fluxes through the system
  • procedures for estimating volcanic hazards and forecasting eruptions
  • the use of geothermal energy worldwide

The target date to begin drilling is 2019, with an estimated drilling cost in excess of $20 million. An ambitious, cutting-edge project on this scale cannot be a single endeavour by a single nation. It must be a research programme led by a high-level international partnership with multi-national expertise. Updates will be available soon.

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