Today we stand at the frontier of knowledge in exploring the Hot Earth. As with any unexplored realm of outer space or inner space it is not possible to predict what we will find. That is precisely the reason for going.

We are delighted to inform you about the first Krafla Magma Testbed Coordination Meeting at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris starting today, Tuesday, March 14th through Wednesday, March 15th 2017.

The Krafla Magma Testbed (KMT) project is a collaboration between scientists and engineers from 25 institutions in 10 countries, managed by a Project Office in Iceland. KMT is seeking multinational support to pursue renewable energy solutions, natural disaster risk reduction and strategic scientific discoveries.

The agenda of the meeting can be downloaded here

Address by the Steering Committee Chair – John Eichelberger during the first coordination meeting of KMT group hold in IPGP (Institut de Physique du Globe) in Paris, 14 March 2017 (Photo credit Alicja Wiktoria Stoklosa)


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